Cristino Bogado
Las putas drogas [F*cking Drugs]; 2010

Katarina Kartonera; Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil


Hand-painted and sewn-in corrugated cardboard binding.


Cristino Bogado was born in 1967, in Asunción, Paraguay. He is an avant-garde poet. In an interview with the Brazilian poetry journal Sibila, he answered the following questions: 

Sibila: What do you hope for in writing poetry?


Bogado: To render eternal the splendor of the grass, to see again and again a pubescent Beatrice in a gray street of life. To have intuitions, to perceive, is to create, to invent, to create poetry.. What happens in the street, what I see happening in it is always my work. Therefore, I am not only interested in it, but also concerned about it.


Sibila: What would be the best effect one can get from the practice of poetry?


Bogado: There is only one, to end the illusion of accelerationism (that continuous and homogeneous time that Walter Benjamin despised) of the nihilistic capitalist reality, to invade Euclidean space in a fantastic outside-inside…