Mario Bellatin [translation: Teresa Cabañas]
Underwood portátil modelo 1915
[Portable Underwood, Model 1915]; 2015

Vento Norte Cartonero; Dulcinéia Catadora; Santa Maria, RS, Brasil


“Dulcinéia Cartonera” – Page facing title page.

“Julho de 2015” – Colophon.

Original Spanish edition published by Sarita Cartonera (Lima, Peru, 2005) ; second Spanish edition published by La Cartonera (Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2013).

Issued in a limited edition of 150.

Translated from the original Spanish.

Recycled corrugated paperboard binding. Covers are hand-painted with mounted color illustrations and stenciled title.

University of Alberta copy is no. 63.


“I have no doubt that the mystery that accompanies my life is located at the point of origin of my writing. Only now, after so many years of search and inquiry, I know that that mystery will remain inaccessible until the day I die. I will never know the reason why, from childhood, I have been determined to remain seated for countless hours in front of a typewriter, with the resolute intent that the exercise of writing may construct realities that could stand side by side the everyday ones. In the beginning, I believed that the pleasure, or rather the obsession, was in appreciating how the words themselves came into being. At that time, I  began to think that I was shaping up to be a true typist.”


Mario Bellatin (b. 1960) is a Mexican-Peruvian novelist.